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    OUR LEADERSHIP PROCESS AND PROGRAM CREATES AND IDENTIFIES BETTER LEADERS: 17% average better sales for Sales Leaders vs Peers Lowers Turn over in Leadership and subordinates in division Client’s enjoy higher external candidate interest. Increased Team Effectiveness leading to higher performance

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    CEO SUCCESSION PLANNING An organization’s ability to place the right leader at the top has never been more important to its performance and sustainability. As expert advisers on candidate assessment and the CEO selection process with in-depth knowledge of best (and worst) practices on succession, Spencer Stuart is uniquely qualified to assist boards with the important and complex task of CEO succession planning, helping organizations design a process that is effective, fair and credible.

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    Have years of senior-level search experience, a thorough understanding of governance and board best practices and valuable insight about the top executive talent across industries. We have conducted nearly 700 CEO search and succession assignments worldwide in the past three years, facilitating a rigorous, board-centered process to help clients evaluate and develop potential options for long-term and short-term succession needs. We offer a proprietary approach to executive assessment that not only evaluates internal candidates’ performance and relevant experience in current and past roles, but also the skills that speak to their ability to succeed in more complex and demanding contexts, including their analytical capabilities, social intelligence and self-awareness.

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    At ACS Global, we provide guidance and validation when critical Leadership decisions need to be made. If you are choosing between candidates in a merger or acquisition, building the right team after a transition or strategy implementation, or selecting top leadership and identifying their development needs- ACS Global Search provides scientifically validated insight into leadership talent to make these decisions with confidence and avoid costly mistakes.

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    Our Leadership assessment is one of the only scientifically validated leadership assessments in the world and is over 90% accurate in identifying key leadership traits that are critical to the success of top performers. Our assessment is proprietary to ACS Global Search and has 3 components to accurately assess current and potential leaders for our clients. We provide the insights needed to ensure the right leaders are in the right roles with our clients. Our approach is unique in that we offer developmental programs and coaching to make sure future leaders are prepared for the challenges ahead or current leaders are achieving business objectives.

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    Our multi-method approach to assessing senior talent is the most comprehensive and predictive of leadership success. As a result, we are able to deliver actionable information about strengths, limitations and risks and create a plan of action to achieve Leadership bench strength. Our Division President is consideredWe combine an evaluation of business and functional competencies and rigorous referencing with our proprietary measurement of Leadership assessment— the specific set of cognitive skills that enable superior executive performance. As a global leader in Executive search and leadership recruitment, we have long-standing relationships with, and knowledge of, the world’s top talent and unmatched insight into the qualities necessary for exceptional leadership.

  • Accurate

    Too often, companies make critical hiring, promotion and development decisions based on inadequate, incomplete and undependable information. Our assessment approach provides accurate and objective information about key players’ strengths and weaknesses that enable organizations to make thoughtful, informed leadership decisions. These insights can point to development needs for individual executives, reveal opportunities to improve executive team effectiveness and help make distinctions between CEO finalist candidates.