Firm Overview


ACS Global is a rapidly growing, leading consulting and talent advisory firm. ACS Global owns and operates American Career Search, one of the premier professional search firms in the USA for the last 23 years.

We have been recognized as the Best of the Best and Most Innovative within our industries. Our Firm Headquarters in based in Stowe, Vermont (Ski capital of the East)

ACS Global operates both nationally and globally providing consulting to both our public and private clients. We provide Owner and Board Advisory, Talent Advisory and Acquisition, Executive Coaching, Industry Experts, Leadership Development, M&A Acqusition Deal Sourcing and also offer a Future CEO program.  Our expert team is noted for responsiveness, thoroughness and service excellence. We continue to explore, develop and deliver new services to the ever-changing environment of talent and consulting across the world.

The ACS team consists of high-caliber professionals with experience across a broad scope of functional and industry backgrounds including consumer products, manufacturing, industrial, sales, distributors, marketing, finance, manufacturing, turnarounds, M&A, and human resources.

It is ACS Global’s goal to be the firm of choice for companies that are seeking  solutions and opportunities. ACS Global is committed to providing the best services from talent, consulting, turnaround advise, owner exit advisory, industry experts or Deal Sourcing for M&A firms.  We tailor each strategy to the specific wants and needs of our clients, utilizing our unique methodology, proven strategies and expertise to ensure success and client satisfaction.

Success Matters

ACS has over 1,000 successful appointments across 17 countries over 23 years and have been involved with 100’s of clients, both private and public to achieve their company goals. Our team of experts have conducted over 100 successful turnarounds saving over 16,000 jobs in the last 20 years.


ACS Global seeks to exceed client expectations through commitment to excellence and by adding value to our clients’ businesses. We are committed to handling each matter with the quality, care, attention to detail and respect as if we were representing ourselves. We are accessible, responsible, prepared, efficient and technologically advanced. Our clients and colleagues value us because they trust our integrity and abilities.

Our Vision

We endeavor to utilize our collective experience to provide personalized solutions to the challenges our clients face in doing business, from corporate formation to wind down and everything in between. Our firm seeks to be flexible in the way we offer uniquely tailored searches and programs and the way we are compensated for our work. Each of our Team is adapt, creative and efficient and driven by quality work to get results. At our core, we are fundamentally focused on redefining what it means to provide exceptional professional services to our clients.

Delivering quality services that our clients truly value means understanding their business, identifying and listening to their needs, being invested in their success, and delivering solutions, talent and leadership to achieve their objectives. Combining leadership expertise with industry expertise enables our staff to turn the most complex questions into the clearest answers and strategy for bringing on the Best Leaders for our clients. Our staff will approach each matter we handle with an invigorated, pragmatic business style geared towards distilling complexity and providing clear-cut solutions for our diverse and select client base.

We only hire people that are industry leaders themselves and have had great success within their careers and then empowering them to grow and to achieve great things for our clients. Passion, aptitude and a deep understanding of business and people is the powerful mix we will bring to every engagement. Delivering measurable value is at the heart of ACS Global. We ask the right questions, listen intently and focus not just on what clients want, but how they want it. The information we glean from collaborative representation and goal alignment will help our clients recognize where they are, where they want to be, and how to get there.

Value to Our Clients

To provide the best in search, we focus on delivering benefits that provide the value our clients want:

  • a partnership philosophy
  • integrity and professionalism
  • a focused approach
  • a consistent methodology
  • a dedicated resource base
  • a global scope
  • confidentiality
  • a commitment to ensuring the best outcome

Superior Service commitments

  • Client Defined Value: At the outset of each engagement, we will discuss client expectations, including client business objectives, goals, timeline, staffing, budgets, and preferred means for communicating. We will use the information we gather to anticipate continuing needs of our clients. We will offer value-added services and continually seek ways to improve our clients’ businesses and our relationships with them. We will provide value to our clients above and beyond our engaged work by helping them meet their goals, overcome unique challenges, and establish a new set of goals beyond those we just mutually achieved.
  • Accessibility: Clients will always be able to reach us. Clients can expect prompt and professional responses from us. Clients should never be hesitant to communicate with us.Service Details Matter: As just a small part of our commitment to superior service, our staff will: greet our clients with a smile, return all client calls and emails within 24 hours, express empathy and commitment to our clients, carry themselves the way Atticus Finch would, dress the part, under promise and over-deliver, be on time, keep their word, perform at good deed per week for betterment of mankind, be proactive, promptly resolve issues as they arise, represent our clients as if they were representing themselves and anticipate status update requests through regular progress reporting.
  • Meaningful Partnership: We believe in striking a partnership with our clients. Our engagements start with creating a strategy and mission. We make sure our client’s needs and expectations are addressed through consistent, open and honest communication throughout the life of the engagement. Through our experience, we have learned that a meaningful partnership requires us to: be flexible, keep an open mind, magnify strengths and support limitations, be the best communicator possible, establish a consensus on a goals, ensure both parties are committed and accountable, be patient, empower our clients to be a part of the solution and leverage our firm resources on behalf of our clients.
  • Exceptional Communication: We listen well. We have great memories. We think and analyze clearly. We express our expert opinions and give guidance when requested. We respect our clients and work to win their confidence. We ensure our delivery is as compelling as our message.
  • Efficient practice: We commit to each engagement with a team that is best qualified to deliver efficient and effective solutions. We conduct early and frequent matter assessments in order to provide our clients with consistent feedback
  • Accountability: To ensure we stay results driven, we simply define the intended results and maintain accountability. Instead of establishing vague expectations, we push to clearly define specific, measurable results. Our firm regularly holds accountability meetings to ensure that the commitments made by our firm to our clients are lived up to. These meetings have changed our firm to one that insists that optimal results come from competition and personal accountability. These meetings and this firm philosophy ensures our clients’ results match our efforts.

Our commitment to superior services has enabled us to achieve favorable results for clients under the most difficult conditions.