Future CEO

Our Investors are Actively looking for Industry Leaders with business targets to invest in.  If you have the Experience, Skill, Drive, Vision and Potential Acquisition. Click below to download our NDA as 1st step.

Future CEO program

 Make yourself CEO, We provide capital!

As an Industry Executive, you are aware of Companies that YOU could grow.
You have the Leadership, Desire, Vision, Targets, Strategy.



FUTURE CEO was created to help successful industry leaders with a specific acquisition target or business plan to pursue their true potential and be valued and rewarded for their efforts and success!


Our investor partners recognize that leadership is the key to building successful, sustainable companies and that sometimes the right opportunity for a growth investment comes through a person. They first align themselves with an industry leader then support that leader in acquiring a platform company.


ACS Global works with industry leaders who have the vision and ability to acquire, build and grow a company. We introduce you to our partners that are private equity investors, family offices, corporations and business owners looking for customized strategic investments.


We are your partners:

  • After signing a mutual NDA for your protection, we discuss your business idea and target.
  • We provide insight and research at this state.
  • We work together to build out the strategy and vision using our “best in class” proven strategies.
  • We create a business case and provide guidance and strategy at all stages.
  • We review target, strategies, pitch, leadership gaps, growth, add ons and ensure alignment with our investor partners investment criteria.
  • Once confirmed, we approach our investment partners that meet the criteria for review and consideration.
  • Our approach is unique and we engage each industry executive as their “Talent Agent”.



  • Manufacturing, Industrial, Distribution, Industrial Service/Sales
  • Distressed, Bankrupt, Turnaround, Divestitures or Profitable.
  • Revenue $5m-$800m and EBIDTA +/-
  • Public or Private
  • Domestic or Global


ACS Global has over 1,000 global appointments across 17 countries. For over 23 years, ACS Global has consulted Private Equity, Investment Banking, Public and Private Corporations on Talent Retention, Acquisition and Recruiting during Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestitures. We focus on Global ‘Key Talent’ and Leadership transition strategies including CEO and Principal exit strategies.