Our US Team

Our US Team is comprised of global experts with unique skills to ensure our client’s needs are met. We manage all of our searches from within the USA and assign a global consultant for Internationally located searches depending on the location and industry.

Dwight Fortenberry

Dwight has 20 years in sourcing global talent for global clients and has achieved top rankings in industry and 100% client retention. He has created talent solutions for clients that are unique in industry.

Bob Anderson

Bob has 18 years in Global Leadership Development coaching. He holds his MBA from Harvard and has received global recognition for Leadership training. He is a leader in his industry and fluency in 3 languages.

Ken Friedman

Ken has 25 years sales, is currently US Air Force Civil Air Patrol Captain and has the ability to develop a “big picture” perspective and be a strategic thinker to ensure our clients talent needs are met.

Steve Strickland

Steve has been a key HR Executive for over 30 years with Fortune companies before joining ACS Global in 2010. He has the ability to develop a “big picture” perspective and be a strategic thinker to ensure our clients talent needs are met.

John Chudzik

John has almost 15 years of experience working within Wealth Management recruiting. Most recently, He spent 7 years as an Recruiting Director at Lehman Brothers/ Barclays Wealth Management leading the Advisor recruiting efforts. Prior to that John spent about 6 years working for a small independent firm also focused on Financial Advisors.

John Changler

John has great Leadership in the Military, extensive Labor and Global HR experience and directly responsible for growing 3 companies from $30m to $50m+ within 24 months each. John’s ability to identify key players and contributors across the globe and industry spectrum is unique.

Eddie Zaldivar

Eddie is a 17 year multi-lingual HR expert that focuses on our searches that require Spanish or Portuguese language skills across the globe, but primarily in the US and South America. He brings years of international Management level search experience.

Aki Nakano

Aki is a Senior Consultant for ACS and his career spans 30 years to Global President of a $1.6b division for a Fortune 100 company and focused on Asia- Pacific. He has managed joint ventures and hired over 400 key persons within his career on a global scale. He is multilingual and holds multiple international degrees.