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ACS Global Services

Our Services are always evolving and we approach each client to address the Talent needs and concerns first, then come up with a unique program and plan to solve these issues.

Search Services

From Retained, Engaged, Confidential Exclusive Search, Annual Retained and other Proprietary search programs, all Searches within ACS Global Search are managed by a Senior Leader and no process is outsourced to junior level staff. Our time to fill is a industry leading 78 days due to our search process.

Every search with ACS Global Search includes our proprietary leadership profiling, full search and leadership development built into our process.

Candidate Validation Services

ACS Global Search,inc. provides a hybrid service for client’s that do not need full search services and have internal or externally identified candidates. We provide an unbiased approach that includes full leadership profiling, interviewing and validation of each candidate. Scorecards, notes and candidate risk, ranking + training, development recommendations for each. ACS Global Search process can also include resourcing potential ACS Global candidates for comparison purposes to ensure “your best candidate” is the “the best candidate”.

Mergers and Acquisitions

ACS Global Search works with clients that are either looking to sell or acquire a company or company assets. Talent issues are one of the leading issues that arise before, during and immediately after a company sells. Our approach is a very hands on, multi-tiered process to identify key personnel within the company from leadership to hourly and provide profiles, risks and solutions to retain or replace them if necessary. From non competitions to employee satisfaction, we create strategies to combat loss or talent during these delicate times. We also provide true market and compensation data based off current, real world market for replacement of staff and candidate availability.


ACS Global Search Advisory service is available on an hourly or project based service to assist clients in developing Talent Strategies, becoming the Employer of Choice and creating search strategies for expansions.

This approach is primarily focused on smaller and emerging companies that are experiencing rapid growth or looking to expand globally.

Industry Consultants

ACS Global Search is excited to announce it’s newly launched Industry Consultant group.

“Our experts are your expertise” is exactly as it sounds. ACS has identified over 25,000 industry experts that have an average of 28 years in respective industries across the globe. Each consultant is highly respected in industry and has made significant contributions to their previous employers and are able to share all their knowledge and expertise either in a consultative approach or hands on to tackle the most complex issues.

Regardless of you need or issues you are dealing with, one of our consultants has solved the same problem and knows what not to do as well as what is the best plan of action.

Our cost structure is well below market.


Leadership Assessment Program

Leadership Academy– Company wide training and development program

Leadership Development– Identify and grow Leadership strength.

Our scientifically validated leadership program is over 90% accurate in identifying top leaders and performers across the globe. With over 12,000 assessments conducted, we can provide unparalleled value to our clients.

Our assessment doesn’t just give you graphs and recommend a “matched” or “not matched” without ever having spoken to the person or even have been benchmarked. Our comprehensive program includes interviewing, referencing, profiling and assessment to give our clients a clear understanding and recommendations on developing that talent to ensure they are the best leaders that others want to follow. Our program has proven to increase retention across the department down to hourly personnel and increase performance and sales across the division of which our Leadership program was implemented.